How would you describe your particular coaching style?

#selfacceptance #lifestyle #protection #mybusiness How would you describe your particular coaching style? When I am sitting with a client, I like to slow things down, listen deeply, and get really curious by asking questions that has the client consider things that they perhaps have never thought about before. My approach is an active-listener, light-hearted and compassionate. When the client feels heard, their mind can relax. With less on the mind, there is space for new ide

How a small decision can turn your entire life around?

#lifestyle #decisionmaking #workfromhome #freedom Congratulations on deciding to start you own business! This is a very exciting time for you I am sure. It can also be a rather frightening time as well. We are here to answer questions, explore new directions for you and your business; but more than that… we are here to help guide your success. Whether starting a new business or growing an emerging business; our four plus decades of experience is available to guide, coach and